2 thoughts on “167. Magneto Resistive Sensors

  1. Sean thank you for sharing. Very interesting and informative information to know. I’m enrolled in Brian’s hands on auto and we converse often. Looking forward to his next pod cast with you. Thanks again for sharing Artie

  2. Good episode. I was listening while driving between jobs. I’m a mobile technician, and I had a relative issue a couple weeks ago on a 15 Camry at a body shop. LF WSS circuit open and they had already replaced the sensor twice. When I got into it the body harness to the sensor looked messed with so I opened it up. I found they had replaced the pigtail due to damage. I checked and they had wired it white to white and black to black, no problem I thought. I looked at the wiring diagram to ohm out to the ABS harness and found that Toyota swaps colors at the ABS sensor harness side. Proper would be white to black and vice versa! I swapped the pins in the body side connector and fault is gone. Anyway thanks for the podcasts!

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